Transforming brands for a better tomorrow.

Branding is about maximising every opportunity. Whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or brand architecture for your complex organisation, Mimocodes can produce all your branding requirements. Including brand strategy, logo design, naming, identity and brand guidelines. Working together, we will learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and market. With our  experience in strategy and pure hunger for collaboration – great results can be achieved. We look forward to discussing your branding.

Brand Identity Design

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By definition, a brand is a name, symbol, design, style or attribute which distinguishes one seller from another.  We specialise in crafting and combining these elements into full brand identity programs for companies and products.

As a strategic branding agency, Mimocodes not only differentiate clients from their competitors, but encapsulate the core of what they represent into an ownable brand identity system.

Event Branding

Graphic Design

Business Cards

Roll-up Design


Mimocodes believes you only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s our job as a professional branding agency to make sure it’s a good one.

One that represents the personality of your brand, connects with your audience and is memorable for the right reasons.

Brand Strategy

Among the leading branding agencies in Egypt, Mimocodes delivers more than aesthetics. To begin the design process, we work with you in a workshop environment to collaboratively determine your brand strategy and positioning which will then form the basis of your visual identity.

This can include defining the essence of your brand’s character as well as developing a tone of voice and visual communication style.

Naming and Taglines

What’s in a name? A company name or tagline can say what you do, spark a personality or set a theme which is appropriate to your market. It can help you belong to a category or stand out amongst others. It can be fun, quirky, clever, technical, professional or traditional, the possibilities are endless.

Finding a name that resonates with your audience will give you the best chance of business success. Mimocodes’s creative team can develop the ideal name or tagline for your company or product.

Logo Design

As the cornerstone of every brand identity, logo design is vital to your overall image.

If you’re seeking professional logo designers to create an image worthy of representing your company for the long-term, we’d be happy to share our expertise with you.

Brand Identity Design and Roll-out

Mimocodes offers brand identity packages, tailored to the needs of any business.

Unlike some branding agencies, Mimocodes is the single source for all your roll-out requirements. We handle everything in-house, whether it be print, packaging, environmental or digital in execution.

Stationery items such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes are commonly requested, as well as electronic assets such as quote and invoice forms or email signatures.

Obviously your online presence is key to success in today’s world. That’s why Mimocodes build custom made company websites, driven by the brand identity we’ve developed. These websites are responsive, transitioning smoothly when viewed on a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet device.

Many companies also require templates to be created for frequently used files such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or email marketing.

Signage and environmental graphics are important for bricks and mortar businesses that are planning an office or retail fit-out as part of their new image. We also set up styles for printed and digital marketing communications as well as advertising so everything ties together seamlessly.

Whether you require all or a selection of these items, they’ll combine into a unique and ownable brand identity system that is cohesive across all outputs.

Style Guides

Mimocodes can also produce a style guide or brand manual so your new brand identity is applied correctly. Either by your in-house team or another third-party provider who may need to reproduce your image consistently.

The style guide or brand manual, includes basics such as typefaces, colour palettes, logo usage and photography styles.

It will also go into more detail, providing instructions for each piece of collateral such as business cards, brochures, email signatures, vehicle signage and uniforms, to name just a few.

As each client has different needs, we tailor our inclusions based on your unique requirements.

Brand Design

Further to setting up the style of the brand identity itself, Mimocodes will work with you into the future.

You can engage us on a project by project basis for each new piece of collateral that needs to be designed. This way you control the quality of every communication touch-point your brand will have with the world. The project could be a new brochure, advertising campaign, marketing activation or industry event.

You’ll benefit in terms of time and budget from a team who you’re comfortable with and who are familiar with your goals.

As your branding agency, Mimocodes can effectively answer any new creative brief, accomplishing its desired outcome, while remaining true to the branding that has already been established.

We’ll continue to enhance the look, character and style of communication that is exclusive to your company. We ensure that each element achieves its goals, whilst adding to the big picture. Everything will remain on-message and reinforce your values.

Brand Management

We have a long history working closely with our clients in the management of their brands. We ensure their perceived image is positive and in-line with the objectives of their business.

Acting as a guardian, we look to maintain and uphold standards as well as offering improvements where possible.

We are pro-active in identifying opportunities that will add value to your business in any way.


When rebranding, rather than working with a blank canvas, you have the benefit of being able to assess how things currently stand with your existing brand design.

Mimocodes will help you at this stage with a visual audit, evaluating what has equity, what should stay and what needs to change.

Depending on the results of the audit, your rebranding could be an evolution of your existing brand design or a full revolution. Either way, the outcome will have the aim of making a clear statement in terms of your repositioning within the marketplace and signal your intent for the future.

We often speak with people who feel that rebranding may pose a risk to their business. We firmly believe the opposite applies in most cases. It presents a fantastic opportunity to reinvent yourself in the eyes of your employees, industry and customers with a new brand design.

Rebranding is a great excuse to communicate the good and address any perceived negatives in a positive light. It provides the chance to signify a change for the better both internally and to the outside world.

The decision to rebrand shows all stakeholders that the company has assessed itself, improved any short-comings and has actively chosen to move with the times by reinventing itself for the better.


Our belief is that brands should not only look good, but deliver appropriate messaging to their audience with an outcome in mind.

This is the benefit of working with a company that values strategy, such as Mimocodes.

Well executed, professional branding plays a key role in any successful business. Getting this right is what Percept specialises in.


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